What does Transform to Perform Mean?

Mary Galime

A Musician's Instinct: Transform To Perform

What does a beginning student and an internationally renowned performing artist have in common? It is the desire to transform the music they can create into the music they want to create. The instinct to transform to perform is what drives every musician, student to professional, to continue learning.

Denis Wick’s approach to teaching was to focus his pupils on this instinct. He taught them great sound, and inspired them to be led by the music, “The music is the boss. Technique is the servant.”

With this approach he encouraged his students to grow using their musical instincts, creating some of the most successful trombone performers of our time. And it was this same instinct that inspired Denis to start designing the product that supports the musical endeavors of musicians all over the world.

The Denis Wick Transform to Perform Campaign will highlight the people, products, and experiences that have initiated the biggest transformations in our community.  Visit our Transform to Perform campaign hub on the Denis Wick app or follow #transform2perform on social media to get inspired by transformational stories, experiences, and advice that have fueled the members and artists of the Denis Wick Community to transform to perform at their highest levels. 


Do you have a moment in your career that transformed you into the musician you are today? We would love to share your story!

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