3 Ways Every Parent Can Inspire Their Brass Student

Mary Galime

Given the plethora of research and reports highlighting the importance of music education in achieving success across various subjects, it is only natural for you, as a parent, to want to motivate your child to persevere in this newfound skill they are acquiring. "But I never learned an instrument in school. I have no idea how they are making sounds or how to encourage them!" I'm here to tell you you know more tan you are giving yourself credit for. Here is what you know, and the tools you have to become your child's greatest inspiration.

Let's start with Sound. In the same way you know how to raise and lower your voice and add emotion to it, your student’s body relies on a sound concept, i.e. what sound they want to hear coming out of their brass instrument, to tell the body how to create that sound.

With a sound concept, the ears tell the muscles and air what to do, the mouthpiece and your student create the sound, and the instrument magnifies it.

Get involved in their music now using these tips to inspire and support your student, and someday when they recount their successes as musicians, you will be one of their greatest influencers.

01. Great sound inspires great sound

Your student needs to hear the sound they want to create before they can create that sound. We call this a sound concept. Surround your brass student with professional performances on their instrument, brass quintets, jazz, movie music, and even video game soundtracks. Try some live concerts too! Take this step and you will be one of the biggest influencers in your students career.

02. Upgrade the tools they are using

Sound is created by resonance. Your body (ruled by the sound concept) uses air and muscle to create a vibration (think of air escaping a filled balloon that has not been tied at the end). The mouthpiece supports the vibrating lips and translates it into sound. A beginner mouthpiece will hinder that magic. After the first year, if the sound concept is developed, it’s time to find the next mouthpiece with these *very simple* instructions.

03. Inspire to the next level

Finding a good private teacher will provide new music,  tricks, tips, and a specialized vision for your students future that will keep them inspired. The lessons a good private teacher will improve not only instrument performance, but their ability to problem solve, independently learn, public speaking, confidence, and more throughout their life. Your band director or local music store will help direct you to the right teacher.