Heritage vs Heavytop Trumpet Mouthpiece Showdown

Victor Haskins

The Heritage mouthpiece for Trumpet is Denis wick's newest installment to a  long list of amazing tone-producing  products for trumpet players. Both the HeavyTop and Heritage utilize additional mass to provide focus to the sound, but in much different ways. While the HeavyTop provides extra mass throughout the mouthpiece, the Heritage localizes the mass of the mouthpiece to the base of the cup, and then thins out the upper walls and rim to add sparkling projecting and response to a focused foundation. Check out Denis Wick Artist Victor Haskins in this demo of both mouthpieces to get a better idea of what both can do.

"It's been a looooooooong time since I've tried a new mouthpiece (it it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?), but I love my Denis Wick Heritage cornet mouthpiece so much that when they said they were gonna make a Heritage trumpet mouthpiece, I HAD to give it a go, This is straight out of the box this morning. Please enjoy some improvisation on Ray Nobles 'Cherokee'"

"Each piece of equipment (horn, mouthpiece, etc.) makes me feela different way, giving me access to different ideas. Here is another take on Cherokee, this time with my usual trumpe tmouthpiece, teh Denis Wick HeavyTop model."


In addition to his artist page on the Denis Wick App, you can find out more about Denis Wick Artist Victor Haskins here: https://www.victorhaskins.com/