"Pick a trumpet mouthpiece in 4 steps", for a confused trumpet customer

Mary Galime

Directing your customer to make a choice in 4 easy steps:


You will usually run into this customer at your busiest time of the day, or just before you want to close so knowing how to direct them to a choice quickly helps a lot. If you can help them make a choice, don't forget, they'll come back to you for all their next choices as well: the next instrument, the next private teacher, etc. So don't pass off this customer - we can help. First ask these questions.

1. What mouthpiece are you playing on?

"The one that came in the case" or "I dunno." - This probably means your customer is a beginner. If they mention a size that is not a 7C, there's a good chance they have already switched mouthpeices once, and are looking for an advanced or step-up mouthpeice to support a new performance situation. Move on to question 2.

2. What type of music will you perform with your new mouthpiece?

Are they just playing in school concert band, orchestra, or jazz band? Are they playing in Marching band?

3. Has your band director suggested a size?

If their answer is "Yes", your job just got easier! If not, don't worry. You got some great info in the previous answers. Take your answers and proceed to step 4.


4. Open up your trusty Denis Wick App (if you haven't downloaded it yet, click the image above or follow the links below to view )

Visit our  Trumpet Products page, and click on our product suggestions for trumpet. 
Take the answers to your questions and match them to a mouthpiece. Though we've narrowed down your options, you will still see multiple choices. You want to avoid drastic size changes. So, if your customer is playing on a 7C, a 5C or 4C would be an appropriate switch.  A 1.5C would be a drastic size change. If you would like to check on more sizes, you can find them in the Trumpet Products section.

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The more you familiarzie yourself with this information, the faster you will be able to navigate your customer to a healthy mouthpiece option. If there is information that you would find helpful, and cannot locate on the app, let us know!