The Art of Winning Part 2

Denis Wick Artist Group

What is winning, and how do I get it? The most appreciated parts of winning tend to be the beginning inspiration and the prize at the end, but what do you call all the stuff that make up the middle? In the end it tends to be all those middle parts which define winning more than the prize. The Denis Wick Artist and Ambassador groups are made up of professional musicians who have all experienced all the glory and humiliation that winning has to offer. 



Melvin Jones Professional habits combined with a congenial personality make fertile grounds for success. There are plenty of talented jerks and amazing players who can’t show up on time....and they are all sharing a couch at home while the nice guys with a clock and at least a minimal sense of organization go out into the world and work consistently. That is what winning looks like!

Tom McCaslin Careful, consistently listening to yourself on recordings leads to finding the problem spots that need addressing. Diagnosing problems and fixing those issues leads to progress. The better your ears are the more you can fix. Those who invest in progressing their skills and musicianship put themselves in a position to win when others have more problems and progress to make. There’s no magic formula for being chosen a winner for an audition or competition. Know where you are and keep working towards progress. #winning

Arnetta Johnson “The art of winning is realizing that no matter what the result is, there is still a good lesson waiting to be received at both sides of the spectrum”

Jason Klobnak Being consistent is at the heart of winning. A baseball analogy says it best: the person who swings a hundred times is bound to eventually have a hit. The person that never swings fulfills their own prophecy. 

Kalia Vandever I just recorded my album with my best friends and it was one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve ever had in my career. For me, that’s winning. 

Matt Jefferson The best advice I ever received about winning was from one of my old teachers, Vern Kagarice. He told me, "If you want to win, be the last one to quit." I always loved that, it sort of demystifies the art of success and puts it into a context that really worked for me. I still remind myself about that today!

Marc Bolin The thing that sticks with me--which, leads to "winning"--is "Be the last one standing." This was a phrase that my friend Eric Rowles and I use to say when we were in our early teens. What this phrase doesn't overtly state is the dogged persistence that is needed to attain my artistic goals. For me, there is nothing "lucky" about it...I work hard, study hard, and "play"/perform hard--that means practicing so that you don't have to "take it easy" in rehearsals, OR on the gig. Then there's everything else that is compulsory: 

  • Be respectful--to of the music, other performers, as well as the audience
  • Show up on time, which means early and with the appropriate dress
  • Be prepared--do your homework. Know the music. 
  • Be friendly and easy to get along with, or as my friends Lemar Guillary and Jon Bradley would say..."Be a good hang."