Weekly Wisdom for musicians

Melvin Jones

Welcome to Weekly Wisdom for Musicians.

Read some advice from the Denis Wick Artist Group, apply it to your career, and while you think listen to some great music.



October 19, 2021
Create Your Masterpiece




"The sun may not shine the same everywhere, but it’s still shining. Success may not always look the way you imagined. But, if you’re wise or just plain lucky, you may recognize it while you’re living it. The way you treat unexpected success can dictate the ETA of the successes you’ve dreamed of."

-Melvin Jones



Think About it

What keeps you from seeing your successes in the present as opposed to the past, no matter how big or small they are? 

When you see those successes, how will you build on them? How will you protect them from being torn down?

Listen while you think