Trombone Suggestions


  • Classic 12CS, 10CS  (similar to Bach 12 diameter)
  • Heritage 12CS, 10CS  (similar to Bach 12 diameter)


  • Classic 6BS or 6BL (similar to Bach 6 1/2 AL)
  • Heritage 6BS or 6BL  (similar to Bach 6 1/2 AL)


  • Classic 5AL, 5ABL, 6AL, 6ABL  (Similar to Bach 5 and 6 diameters)
  • Heritage 5AL, 5ABL, 6AL, 6ABL (Similar to Bach 5 and 6 diameters)

Marching Band

  • Classic 6BL, 6BS, 7CS

  • Heritage 6BL, 6BS, 7CS

Jazz Band, Lead

  • Classic 7CS, 9BS,  10CS, 12CS,  (Similar to Bach diameters 7 and 12)


Not sure what these numbers mean? Read Mouthpieces 101

Check out Denis Wick Trombone mouthpieces in action in the below Denis Wick Artist playlist.