The Classic Mouthpiece

The Classic Mouthpiece was the first series to ever be created in the Denis Wick catalog. Denis Wick's first design was to modify a mouthpiece for his own use, just after he won his position with the London Symphony Orchestra. With the design of the first mouthpiece complete, Denis Wick's engineer, Bill Cox, asked Denis Wick an important question. 

“What are you going to call it?” Another blank look from me.  “What about ‘A’? Then you’ve got the chance of 25 more models!” I thought this mildly amusing, as this had never occurred to me!” - Denis Wick.

Bill also worked with Denis on the characteristic concave wall of the exterior cup to the mouthpiece. 

"He made the outside concave thinking it would look distinctive. I had no idea whether that would make a difference. I had never really thought about it….. What it did in fact was to give the instrument a touch of brightness and focus which nobody else had done. So it has a combination of depth and quality, but brightness too so it really sounds like a trombone. They’ve got the size of a bass trombone mouthpiece, but the scope of a tenor trombone and it is unmistakably a tenor trombone." - Denis Wick

Over the past 50 years, Denis Wick has gone on to create over 500 options. Each mouthpiece, mute, and accessory has been designed to simply create great sound for the musician. A wide variety of rims, cups contours, throats, and backbores, provide comfort and support options for every shape of embouchure and ever style of music. Click here to view the full line of Denis Wick Mouthpiece options.