Where Science & Music Education Intersect During a Pandemic

Closing up our Quarantined but Not Forgotten series is this amazing interview where science meets the band room. Denis Wick Artist Travis Harris is a longtime Texas based band director and pro-trombone performer, and his wife is a teacher, pro-vocalist, and has degrees in microbiology and chemistry. We started in quarantine, and now as we open schools where do the science and logistics meet in that discussion for musicians?

Maria's Suggested Sites for Covid Answers

(names and twitter handles)


Dr. Linsey Marr Ph.D.  @linseymarr
*a professor of civil and environmental engineering, Virginia Tech, is one of the world’s leading experts on airborne transmission of viruses. 
Dr. Marr is insanely busy but has taken the time to respond to my email questions regarding the aerosol science.

Dr. Shelly Miller Ph.D.  @ShellyMBoulder
*Received her Ph.D at the University of California at Berkeley and is currently a professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder in the Environmental Engineering Program.  Her research is in urban air quality, indoor air quality, Bioaerosols, air pollution control technologies including infection control.  She and her team are working on the research with regards to aerosol generating effects of singing and playing instruments that is expected to come out soon.

D. Florian Krammer Ph.D. @florian_krammer
*Professor of Microbiology.  Researches immunology, infectious disease, influenza virus, mucosal immunology, vaccine development and virology at the  Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  His laboratory is currently working to provide reagents and standardized protocols for Covid 19 testing

Dr. Trevor Bedford Ph.D. @trvrb
Associate Professor of Vaccine and Infectious Disease division; Public Health Sciences Division and Human Biology Division at Fred Hutch.  Studies viruses, evolution of viruses and immunity

Dr. Caitlin Rivers Ph.D @cmyeaton
*Senior Scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security; Assistant Professor Dept of Environmental Health and Engineering also at Johns Hopkins.  Epidemiologist, outbreak science, health security 

Dr. Saskia Popescu Ph.D. MPH, MA, CIC  @SaskiaPopescu
*Infectious disease epidemiologist and infection preventionist and focuses on hospital bio preparedness.  Nationally recognized for her work in infection prevention and enhancing hospital response to infectious disease events.

Dr. Angela Rasmussen. Ph.D. @angie_rasmussen
*Microbiologist at Columbia University who studies host response to infection.

Dr. Tara C. Smith Ph.D @aetiology
*Infections disease epidemiologist. Currently a professor at Kent State University College of Public Health.  Previously she directed Iowa College of Public Health’s Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases.  

Dr. Jacob Glanville @CurlyjungleJake
*A Computattioal Immune-Engineer.  He was featured in the Netflix series Pandemic and is currently working on a monoclonal antibody therapy for Covid 19 which is showing great promise.  

Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel @ZekeEmanuel
*Vice Provost for Global Initiatives at the Univ of Pennsylvania. Special Advisor to the Director General of the World Health Organization.  Received his MD and Ph.D from Harvard University

Dr. Peter Hotez M.D. Ph.D @PeterHotez
Pediatrician and infectious disease expert.  His qualifications are way too numerous to list so here is a link https://www.bcm.edu/people-search/peter-hotez-23229 
**He is very down to earth and will respond to your questions and has emailed with me back on several questions.  He will also respond to questions on twitter.

Dr Craig Spencer MD MPH @Craig_A_Spencer
Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine at NY Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center.  Assistant Professor at Emergency Medicine and Population and Family Health at the Columbia University Medical Center

Tips for doing your own research

When reading research articles, look for peer reviewed research.  You can still read preprints and non peer reviewed research, just keep in mind that it may not end up being verified or replicated by other scientists so it has to be taken with a grain of salt until it’s proven.  Watch for articles in JAMA, the Lancet, Scientific Reports @ nature research @ nature.com; International Journal of Epidemiology, Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases etc. You will often see research come out several weeks before it comes out in the news.  Monitor what the epidemiologist and virologist are saying about the research and the methodology.  They will often post research they find reputable and trustworthy.  They will also be very critical of any research that wasn’t done well.  

I have asked questions on several of these doctor’s twitter feeds.  Most of them will take the time to respond and really want the correct information to get out there.  Many of them are extremely frustrated with all of the misinformation being spread right now and rightly so.  


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