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Written on 06/16/2018
Mary Galime

What's the difference between these mouthpieces? Find the answers here or hear them in action by visiting the video library.



Is this your first search for a new mouthpiece?

Here is some great information to help you find your next mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece Chart Key


Profile: Outer shape of the mouthpiece.  Why does this make a difference?

Number: The lower the number, the bigger the diameter


  • No Letter- for vintage European instruments requiring a "medium" shank
  • L- standard tuba mouthpiece shank
  • U- Aaron Tindall Ultra profile
  • X- inner rim countoured for better endurance
  • S- Shallow Cup
  • CC- Helleburg style mouthpiece



To learn more about the mutes, click here.  Listen to the mutes in Product Videos.



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