Denis Wick offers you 3 styles of Horn mouthpieces. As you can see, they each have a different shape, and as a result different weights. Mass, and where it is carried on the mouthpiece make a big difference in how that mouthpiece resonates in the instrument. These are our thoughts on what to expect from each option, but we want to know your thoughts too! Let us know what you play and what you love about it in the comment section at the top.

CLASSIC : Silver DW5885-# , Gold DW4885-#
Wick French horn mouthpieces challenge the notion that the French horn is difficult to play. With slight adjustments to the rim and cup, these mouthpieces are exceptionally more comfortable and flexible while providing a full, rich tone.

Ideal for symphonic playing. Free blowing with a full sound.

Ideal for symphonic playing. Free blowing with a full sound. Narrower rim for increased flexibility.

Excellent stability. Extra wide rim adds comfort and endurance.

Very responsive. Large sound with excellent projection. Narrower rim than the 5.

Perfect for beginners or professionals. Exceptional stability and response in all registers.

Ideal for comfort and endurance. Well-rounded sound with good response.

Extremely versatile and easy to play. Full-bodied sound with impeccable response.


PAXMAN: DWPAX-# (silver only)

The DW/Paxman range of mouthpieces has been developed with LSO principal horn Tim Jones, and uses the ideas underlying the Denis Wick Heritage range. This principle is based on a late 19th century design, where the cup wall is very thin near the mouthpiece rim, combined with the new idea to have substantially more mass lower down the cup.

The results are amazing. The mouthpieces have an immediate, easy response, particularly in the high register, a smooth legato and a sound rich in overtones over the whole range.

The 2, with a cup diameter of 18.50mm, is the largest of the range. Although this diameter would have previously been thought very large, mouthpieces of this size are now commonly used by orchestral horn players, and give a very dynamic and exciting sound in large symphonic works. This mouthpiece will help create an incredibly rich and dark sound. A very large mouthpiece for strong players.

The 3 gives a powerful sound and great volume whilst maintaining focus. This size is very popular with orchestral horn players, and gives a rich sound which projects well. Can be used by both high and low players.

The 4 is especially good in the low register. It has a warm tone with great projection, and is perfect for 2nd and 4th horn.

This is a  versatile mouthpeice with rich tone, and even through all registers.

LIke the 5, this is a good all-rounder mouthpiece, perfect for beginner and advanced players alike.

The 6 produces a rich and full soud with excellent flexibility.

Versatile with good high register and a strong and powerful sound.

Solid and bright sound with great response especially in the higher register.

Easy high regeister with a brilliant tone.

HEAVYTOP: Silver DW6885-5N, Gold DW7885-5N
Wick HeavyTop mouthpieces are designed to reduce the amount of vibration lost through the mouthpiece. Additional mass in key areas transfers the energy much more efficiently, resulting in improved projection and stability.

Increased projection and stability in all registers with free blowing feel.