Written on 09/28/2020
Mary Galime


Denis Wick Classic trumpet mouthpieces are designed to meet the highest expectations of sound, quality, response, feel and comfort. Each model gives the player subtly different tone colours and individual characteristics. From the grandest symphonic sounds of the largest types to the shallowest and most brilliant jazz mouthpieces, and for C, D and piccolo trumpets, every need is provided for. In short, Performance by Design.

Silver: DW5882-# , Gold: DW4882-#

A very large mouthpiece based on an 1870 F trumpet mouthpiece originally used by John Solomon, who was Principal Trumpet and one of the founders in 1904 of the London Symphony Orchestra. It was played in more recent times by John Wallace OBE, who supervised the making of the 1X. An extremely powerful mouthpiece with a huge tone.

A large mouthpiece for strong players, based on a scaled down version of the 1X.

A large symphonic mouthpiece with a shallower cup and a more brilliant sound than the 1.

Designed by Paul Archibald. A V-shaped cup gives a dark tone suitable for Mahler and Bruckner. Get the real Mahler sound!

Classic symphonic mouthpiece with a large diameter and a medium cup. Great for all-round use.

A large symphonic mouthpiece designed for the C trumpet. It has a wide rim and a scintillating high register. A long term favourite, the 2W gives a brilliant yet solid tone quality. A good all-rounder for the strong player. Designed in 1970 for George Reynolds, second trumpet of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Based on an early 20th century French design, this versatile mouthpiece gives warmth and flexibility. Good all-round mouthpiece.

A shallow-cupped mouthpiece, for general purpose use. Brilliant high register for C, D and E♭ trumpets. A compact and telling tone quality with good projection.

Designed by Paul Archibald for the E♭ trumpet. A V-shaped cup but with quite a brilliant sound. Ideal for the Haydn and Hummel Concertos.

A shallow-cupped mouthpiece for jazz and lead trumpet playing. Also great in the piccolo trumpet, as used by Nigel Gomm in the LSO.

A Viennese-style cup designed to produce a dark, rich sound on the rotary-valve trumpet. This was based on an old Viennese mouthpiece for Howard Snell, former principal trumpet (1968-1976) of the London Symphony Orchestra.

This mouthpiece was originally based on the Vincent Bach 7C, one of the most popular trumpet mouthpieces in the world. The 4B has a medium depth U-shaped cup and a medium-large bore. The inner edge of the rim was designed to be a little less sharp than the Bach version, giving greater flexibility and a more comfortable playing experience. The 4B works equally well on Bb, C and D trumpets, and is the perfect size for beginners and intermediate players. It produces a solid and bright sound, and is one of our best-selling trumpet mouthpieces.

A shallow cup creating a bright sounding mouthpiece. A lively tone when used in the C trumpet. Brilliance and solid sound with minimum effort make this model popular with amateur players.

A very shallow cup for lead trumpet playing. One of the very best screamer mouthpieces.

Same as a 4E but with a wider cushion rim. Great for lead playing, with tremendous projection in the high register.

Traditional French design from the 1920’s. Medium cup for jazz and light music players. Brilliant and effective.

Extra shallow cup. The ultimate screamer. A scaled down version of the 3E model.

Extra shallow cup. The ultimate screamer. Same as a 5E but with a wider cushion rim. It gives a real sizzle in the sound.


Maurice Murphy

Maurice Murphy was principal trumpet of the London Symphony Orchestra for 30 years, from 1977 to 2007. It is his trumpet playing that you hear blazing over the orchestra in the first six Star Wars films in the iconic music of John Williams.

He grew up playing in brass bands in Yorkshire, and was Principal Cornet of the world-famous Black Dyke Mills Band from 1956 to 1961 and he played with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and the BBC Northern Symphony Orchestras before coming to the LSO.

He played on many soundtracks, including Superman: The MovieRaiders of the Lost ArkGangs of New YorkJohnny EnglishReign of FireMr. Holland’s OpusPhiladelphiaBatman, the Alien movies, some of the James Bond movies, FrankensteinGladiatorWho Framed Roger RabbitWe Were Soldiers and many more.

Denis Wick was his close colleague in the LSO and they worked together to bring out a stunning range of symphonic trumpet mouthpieces. Maurice himself used an MM2C. Maurice had a unique and instantly recognisable sound (listen to that opening top C in the opening fanfare of Star Wars!). These mouthpieces help capture that sound, with its mixture of warmth and richness together with a scintillating brilliance. This comes about from the generous contours of the cup and backbore together with the use of a customised Tottle backbore.


Silver: DW5882-MM#  Gold: DW4882-MM#

Big, open sound with good upper register response.

Perfect for symphonic playing. Large, well-rounded sound with exceptional response.

Well-balanced, full-bodied tone with excellent flexibility.

Very versatile. Warm, full sound with added resonance in higher registers.

Focused, full sound with good projection and stability.

American Classic & Ultra

This range of vintage style trumpet mouthpieces uses a traditional bowl shaped outer profile. The comfortable rims are designed to give maximum endurance, without loss of agility, and are available in sizes similar to their Bach equivilants. The quality of workmanship, which is the hallmark of Denis Wick mouthpieces, is reflected in the classic warm tone that these mouthpieces produce, irrespective of rim size. This makes them an ideal choice for both student and professional. They are available in either gold or silver plate.

The Classic version provides a profile similar to that of a Bach mouthpiece, where the Ultra utilizes extra weight  which can bring focus to the sound, and affect projection.

Silver: DW5182A-#  Gold: DW5182A-4

A large mouthpiece with warm tone and great flexibility making this a favourite in symphony orchestras.

Rich, warm tone with great carrying power, with a very comfortable rim.

Slightly larger than the regular 1½C this model is based on historic versions of the 1½C, which were slightly larger than modern production. Very warm tone and great projection. Slightly rounder rim on the inner edge than a 1½.

An unusually large 3C with great tone, projection and flexibility.

Great all-round mouthpiece suitable for every kind of music. The classic shape helps create a sound which has brilliance, making it suitable for first chair band or orchestra players

Clean sound with a focused, centred tone and great projection makes this a perfect mouthpiece for both beginners, and experienced players looking for some extra suppor in the higher register.
Medium small diameter to aid upper register, medium deep cup to maintain a warm sound.





Wick HeavyTop mouthpieces are designed to reduce the amount of vibration lost through the mouthpiece. Additional mass in key areas transfers the energy much more efficiently, resulting in improved projection and stability.

Silver: DW6882-X  Gold: DW7882-X

Available in sizes 1, 1C,  1X, 1.5C, 2, 3, 3C, 4X
Refer to Classic descriptions for these sizes 



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