Mouthpiece Suggestions For Every Player

If you are new to searching for mouthpieces, or new to Denis Wick mouthpieces, we have created a few resources to help you decide what mouthpiece will work best for you. If this is your first time looking for a new mouthpiece, take a moment to read Mouthpieces 101 that will educate about each part of the mouthpiece (and help you understand what the measurements listed in the catalog mean), and Mouthpiece Auditions, which will provide you game plan for designating which mouthpieces will be best for you, and how to try them out.

The Heritage Cornet Mouthpiece

Are you having issues settling into your Classic cornet mouthpiece? Before you try for a new size, make sure to try out the Denis Wick Heritage series. The Heritage design uses the same sizing as the Classic series, however the shifted mass of the mouthpiece affects the way it responds in the Cornet. Like the HeavyTop series, added mass near the throat/backbore provide focus to the sound. The upper walls and rim are thinned to compensate for the additional mass. This aids the player in easy articulation in higher registers, and a very colorful tonal response.

Why the Wooden Mute?

You have your aluminum straight with 3 different bottom options (brass, copper, and aluminum), your synthetic mute, your pianissimo mute... why do you need a wooden mute? Like a painter with a palette of glorious colors, as brass players we need an arsenal of options that bring us glorious sound in all different colors. Enter the wooden mute. While you could try to do everything with one mute, at some point you will be asked to match the color of the clarinet, soften the front of your articulation, or perhaps the most dreaded of all, get the conductor's hand in an already quiet section. The wooden mute is your savior for all these scenarios. It puts a soft cloak around the straight mutes characteristic edge so you can blend with a soft wooden instrument, hide your entrance, and actually get that soft muted section down to -1 on the volume scale like the conductor is asking.

The Maurice Murphy Series Mouthpiece

Imagine walking into your first day on your dream orchestra job, and it is a recording session for that small and insignificant film, Star Wars. Little did you know, your iconic first measures would be the inspiration for millions of young students to start learning the trumpet. Who are you? You are Maurice Murphy! Principal trumpet of the London Symphony Orchestra, Maurice Murphy had an international influence with the power and brilliance of his sound. Together with Denis Wick, he created a series of trumpet mouthpieces that provided unique support and projection.

The Classic Mouthpiece

The Classic Mouthpiece was the first series to ever be created in the Denis Wick catalog. Denis Wick's first design was to modify a mouthpiece for his own use, just after he won his position with the London Symphony Orchestra. With the design of the first mouthpiece complete, Denis Wick's engineer, Bill Cox, asked Denis Wick an important question.

Mouthpiece Options

What's the difference between Classic, American Classic, Heritage, Ultra, and HeavyTop mouthpieces?